We use is a next generation CFD software system that uses a proprietary, particle-based, meshless approach which can easily handle traditionally complex problems.

This approach to CFD enables complex modeling and analysis in a straightforward way, minimizing the presence of algorithmic parameters and avoiding the traditionally time consuming meshing process.

For engineers and analysts who require quick and accurate feedback on flow, thermal, and acoustic behaviour, XFlow is a CFD software system that provides you with the ability to solve problems involving moving boundaries, free surface and fluid structure interaction on complex geometric domains.

Improves solution efficiency
Simulation of a high-speed train going through a tunnel section at a speed of 300 km/h. XFlow has fully Lagrangian CFD solver, and works without mesh. Therefore, the moving parts are straightforward to simulate. Coupled with LES turbulence models it describes the turbulence structures accurately.

Aerodynamic simulation of a Formula One
This video shows a volumetric rendering of the vorticity field on a Formula 1. The dynamic wake refinement featured by the XFlow mesh-less approach allows efficient and accurate aerodynamic coefficients estimations.

Sails optimized with XFlow won Olympic Gold London 2012
Sails developed by WB-Sails won both Gold and Bronze at Olympic Games, London 2012. XFlow unique ability to solve complex moving parts allowed the optimization of both hydrodynamics and aerodynamics performance of the sails designs, providing the best performance.
Video courtesy WB-Sails.